Monday, February 14, 2011

Exploding with joy

At long last! OK, OK, so I knew before I even left Germany last June that I would be returning sometime the following summer, and I've been working in earnest on preparations for this year's trip, but it never quite feels "real" until you have tickets in hand. Well, I bought tickets just after midnight. It's real. I'm going back. Ever since I clicked on the "finalize payment" button, I've been on a total high, unable to sit still much less fall asleep. And now, as it is nearing 8AM in Germany, I think perhaps a phone call to a dear German friend is in order to share this news before I simply burst with excitement.

There will be much dancing in Trinity's music room tomorrow. In part becuase I'll probably be more wiggly and off task than the kids, and in part becuase my heart is so full of joy it's overflowing and I just can't help but do a little happy dance. :)

4 months, 11 days and counting....