Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Bach, Mendelssohn, and street musicians.

Today we woke up and went back downtown and spent some time in St. Thomas. Someone was playing the organ and it had a cipher. We walked around the church and took some more pictures and I stood by Bach’s grave for quite awhile just enjoying being so close to one of my all time favorite heroes.

After this, we went to the Mendelssohn Haus where we saw the room where he died, his death mask, a lock of his hair, and many of his watercolors. This guy was one talented dude and I would have loved to know him in person. From here we traveled on to Arnstadt and hiked to Bachkirche with all of our luggage and it was hot outside! It was well worth it (and well worth the rather extravagant organ use fee I handed over) to play this organ. The action was unbelievably heavy but the organ was amazing. I should have packed the oxygen. These organs will just get you every time.

After we left we went back to the train station with all of our luggage and took a train to Erfurt where we checked into our opera hostel where we found a tuba hanging from our ceiling. We wandered around downtown but couldn’t go inside anywhere because it was all closed so we enjoyed a meal outside sitting around a table on cobblestone streets listening to the various street musicians, including accordian and guitar. Also, they lit our candle and it was just very European feeling. Plus anyway, I ate the whole pizza. See pictures below for proof.


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