Sunday, July 10, 2011

Pure joy

Happy Sunday. We attended church at the SELK church in Magdeburg which was quite different from the church in Dresden but the people were quite nice and glad to have us there. After church, we had coffee and cake, then made a quick stop by the Magdeburg Dom for Katie and Chris to see. Then it was back to Manfred’s flat to take a much needed nap, then time to get ready to head back to Niederndodeleben where the choir was practicing. Once they finished, there was a short demonstration by the organ builder about what he had done to renovate parts of the organ, then there was a short church service to dedicate the new CD. This was all followed by coffee, cake and champagne in the courtyard. Once this was done and everyone was back in the church, I gave my recital. Overall, I was quite pleased with it. This was followed with more cake, coffee, wine, and beer in the courtyard.

This was great fun and we stayed for HOURS talking to the wonderful people there and listening to them sing everything from folk songs to lullabies to Schubert. I could not have possibly been happier and am pretty sure that I experienced a little slice of heaven today. When this was all done, Chris, Katie and I all piled into the back of the small car so we could take a lady home, then went back to Manfred’s house where he made us dinner of kartoffel puree and some sort of sausage (which I passed up) and tomato slices. It was a most fabulous day and I couldn’t have possibly been happier.


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