Sunday, July 3, 2011

Marty, here we come!!!

Today we attended church at Dreieinigkeitsgemeinde in der St.-Petri-Kirche. This was a SELK congregation and there was a woman who kindly sat with us to translate the sermon. The rest of the service we could follow simply because liturgy is liturgy regardless what language. I love liturgy. I loved hear the hymns in German and I loved the real church bell and organ. I could live here.

After this, we traveled in the driving rain to Wittenberg and checked into our hotel and discovered the clothes in the bottom of the suitcases were wet. As if we haven’t had enough stuff go wrong this trip. Oh well, can’t complain too much. I got out the hairdryer and we dried all the clothes that way.

Then we wandered the town of Wittenberg and went out for Pizza. Since it is Sunday, most things were closed, so we just wandered outside, but did take a peek inside Castle church. I get chills even though I’ve seen it before. Then of course, we had ice cream and we had a party with marty in the plaza.

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