Saturday, July 9, 2011

A day full of goosebumps

Since today was Saturday and Manfred didn’t have to work, he joined us for some sightseeing fun. We had breakfast then headed to Harbke to play the organ there. This organ (II/21) was a Fritzsche-Treutmann organ (1622/1728) in the St. Levin Castle Church and it was love at first sight. I could not get up to the balcony fast enough!!! The lady met us and told us about the organ, which was very kind, but I must confess, I didn’t listen as carefully as I should have because I was so anxious to play. Once I got up to the balcony I played and played and played. There were some solo stops that were so gorgeous my heart nearly stopped. I was going to play an hour, but ended up playing far longer than that and felt like it was only a few seconds. When we were done, we bought some CD’s and went to the garden to see the ruins of the castle, but my heart was still pounding from that organ!!! 

 We saw the oldest ginkgo tree in Germany and got a leaf to take home. We enjoyed ice cream in the garden which was wonderful.

Then we moved on to our next destination: Marienbon. This was an old boarder crossing and now houses a museum that we went through. It was very strange and a little eerie to go through and it is so hard to comprehend how different Germany was then. Manfred shared stories of his memories of going through here to go visit his sister in West Berlin. 

After this we went to another place to see part of the wall that still remains. From here we headed once again back to Niederndodeleben for one last practice, which was great. Then we went out to dinner and a few of Manfred’s friends joined us. We had a great time, then headed back home to bed.

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