Saturday, July 2, 2011

Prague Blog

Today we went to Prague. Although the day started very stressfully (getting the wrong train ticket and then almost missing the train….) we finally made it and while it ended up costing more than anticipated, it was worth every koruna. We took out 1,000 of them and spent that in a flash. It felt strange to see such large numbers pop on the register when we bought stuff! We went across the Charles Bridge which was HUGE, packed with tourists and had a zillion statues. From there we went to the Prague Castle. While there, we visited St. Vitus Cathedral which was huge and amazing with the most gorgeous stained glass. This cathedral was so big that it had over 10 altars inside! Plus there were graves all over and a crypt. I was TOTALLY in my element there and verging on giddy. I love love LOVE cathedrals and the history and mystery and all of that. LOVE! We also went in the castle itself as well as the basilica of St. George. I could have stayed 10 days here. It was all full of European goodness. Seriously. This would most certainly be on my list of top five favorite cities in Europe and I hope I can go back one day and spend more time. Rather than rambling on and trying to express with words what I’m experiencing, I’ll let the pictures do the talking. It was a VERY windy day, so we struggled to get pictures of us looking halfway decent. HAHA. (Don’t worry… when we got home, we found ice cream)

Gate to Prague Castle

Castle guard sporting his shades

St. Vitus Cathedral

View from the castle

Street musicians

Delicious traditional Prague something or other, called Tredlnik

Statue in front of museum of King Wenceslaus. Yes, THE King Wenceslaus!

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